Services We Offer

Event Planning
Our business is producing major community events.

Parties are at the heart of our mission.
We build festivals that bring all of us together to celebrate the community we love.

Currently we produce three major events:
* Riverfest-May 29-June 6, 2015
* Bob Struble Memorial Golf Tournament, Sept. 4, 2105
* Autumn & Art at Bradley Fair-Sept. 18-20, 2015
Are you seeking a producer for a major community event?

Contact us with the details.

Event Rental
Putting on a major event? We offer many items for rent.

What do you need? We’ve got:
Tents, chairs, ticket booths, chalkboards, life vests, snow fence, sign frames, fire extinguishers, buckets, rafts, scrim, and hundreds of other event-staging necessities.
Call Adam Hartke at (316) 267-2817, Ext. 24 or email adam@wichita for pricing and details.

Event Forums
In an effort to share our info and learn from other organizations who produce major events, we host periodic Event Forums.
See information about our next gathering.

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